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Anthony Barnett Cert.Ed, M.M.inst.V, MA
 Master Member of The Institute of Vieography
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Acting On Camera
Why do so many of our great theatre actors come over as 'hammy' on screen?
Is it really enough to just 'think' in character for screen acting?

The showreel  you commission from Mirror Up To Nature will provide  surprisingly unconventional solution to these questions and a plethora of exciting techniques based on Patrick Tucker's superb analysis of the art in his book
Secrets of Screen Acting and my own experience as an actor/director/teacher.

In the profession, newcomers find themselves in front of the camera with unqualified 'hearsay' of what should or should not be done to deliver a sensational screen debut.
One thing they can be sure of, 99% of the time, the director will be too occupied, or unable, to guide the inexperienced artist to the peak of their performance should it not be materialising as casting requires.

With Mirror Up To Nature you will be making a showreel that will include screen acting direction advice should you require it.

Industry Reference from TV/Film Director and Author

The Hole
Chicago International Film Festival 1996
Best Experimental Short Film
Stephen Galvin
Robin Rice
Anthony Barnett, Abigail Blackwood

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Anthony Barnett
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Anthony Barnett
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